AO Vet Membership structure
Following the AO Board of Directors meeting during the 2009 Trustees meeting, it was decided to place a strong emphasis on clinical divisions and, as a result, the role of AOVET, as the fourth AO Specialty, has been strengthened.

We have been encouraged to expand our position as a global community of veterinary orthopaedic specialists, focused on surgeon education. With this in mind, the AOVET Specialty Board has redefined the existing AOVET membership scheme to expand our network and provide colleagues worldwide with clear value and improved benefits, while still maintaining a strong community spirit.

The new AOVET membership structure is made up of four award levels (Affiliate, Active, Ambassador, and Acknowledged), each of which has different prerequisites and benefits attached to it.

Due to the necessity to verify multiple prerequisites for the Ambassador and Acknowledged memberships, it is not possible to apply directly for these. A placement in one of these categories will only be awarded after an individual has applied and been accepted as an Active member.

Prerequisite for membership

AOVET Active Member - Open to individuals who have participated in at least one certified AOVET educational event.
AOVET Ambassador Member? - Must have been an AOVET Active Member for a minimum of 3 years AND at least 1 of the following:

Have been an existing Faculty member for a given period (2, 3 & 4 years respectively)
Have attended both an AOVET Principles & Advanced course plus have 2 letters of recommendation
Have attended both an AOVET Principles & Advanced course plus have 2 published peer reviewed cases on CaseBase
Have been actively involved in an AOVET R&D project(s) for a minimum of 2 years?

AOVET Acknowledged - At least 1 of the following:
Member of the International Specialty Board
Former AOVET President & Chairs
Honor bestowed on previously Ambassador Members for services rendered to the AOVET community
Memebrship benefits

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