AOTrauma membership
Application is reserved exclusively for musculoskeletal trauma professionals who have already demonstrated participation in, and an understanding of, AO principles and philosophy.


AOTrauma members must fulfill the following prerequisites:
Must be a musculoskeletal trauma professional
MD/DO must have attended AOTrauma Principles course
ORP/Nurses must have attended AOTrauma course for ORP
Researchers must be involved in musculoskeletal related research activity

Registered user
If you do not fulfill the prerequisites, AOTrauma offers you the opportunity to sign up as a Registered User. Registered Users have access to AOTrauma Newsletters, course and event invitations and selected educational content. This option is free of charge.

Member benefits
As an AOTrauma member you have exclusive access to a broad range of valuable benefits and services that will assist you in your daily clinical practise and help improve patient care.

Access to membe?r directory
AOTrauma online videos and le?ctures
Fellows?hip opportunities
Free e-bo?oks and other book discounts
Injury J?ournal online
Journal of Periop?erative Practice
Primal H?uman Anatomy 3D
Selection of ?Ovid online journals

Benefits offered to members and regis?tered users

AO Surgery Ref?erence
AOTrauma news and newsletter
AO Di?alogue
AO/OTA? Classification of Fractures
Webinars and webcasts


AOTrauma Membership
AOTrauma Membership Application

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