The purpose of AOCMF membership is threefold

To create a forum for specialists who have common interests and enthusiasm in the field of CMF trauma and reconstruction

To encourage and inspire younger surgeons, such as residents, fellows, and early practitioners to pursue fulfilling careers

To provide a mechanism for disseminating improved patient care standards by supplying meaningful educational materials throughout a surgeon's career

The AOCMF member community has enjoyed increasing recognition, with over 1,000 members joining in the first year. Our members have come together as an active forum that takes pride in its work and is enthusiastic about sharing experiences and knowledge.

Advantages of AOCMF membership

As an AOCMF member, you have certain advantages that keep you ahead in your field:

Access to official AOCMF community journal:
Craniomaxillofacial Trauma & Reconstruction
Online access to 8 current scientific journals
Online access to the archives of 23 scientific journals
AOCMF teaching videos
AOCMF Surgery Reference
Online case discussions
10% discount on all AO publications
Online access to AO Dialogue <
Online access to the AO New Product brochure

For detailed information regarding these member benefits, click here.


The prerequisite for becoming a member of the AOCMF community is attendance at one certified AOCMF educational event. Those who have not had an opportunity to attend a course but still want to become involved in the community may join as AOCMF affiliates.

Subscription packages

AOCMF Affiliate

Limited access to member benefits

AOCMF E-Member

Full online access to all member benefits

AOCMF Member

e-Member access plus printed copies of various AO publications, including Craniomaxillofacial Trauma & Reconstruction

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