The Operating Room Personnel (ORP) section promotes teaching and research for Theatre Practitioners and other related professions within UK and Ireland.

Education programmes are led by theatre practitioners working with multi-disciplinary teachers including expert surgeons.

Basic courses use AO principles, techniques and philosophies to provide foundations for those working in the operating theatre, treating patients with musculo-skeletal injuries and disorders.

The AO advances programmes use the journey of real patients undergoing surgical treatment to set and deliver optimum standards of team care during pre, peri and post-operative stages. These courses are for those who have completed the basic course.

The AOCMF advanced seminar uses invited patients and carers who share their experiences of head and neck cancer, orthognathic and multiple injuries, both military and civilian.


AOUK&I ORP Specialty Section Spring Meeting 24th & 25th April 2015 Brandon Hall Hotel : Download here

AOUK&I ORP Specialty Section Spring Meeting 26th & 27th April 2014 Oxford : Download here

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