The Ilioinguinal Approach 2018
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A new screencast from Martin Bircher

AOTrauma Courses

Undergraduate Course

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Quiz: AO Undergraduate Precourse Quiz

Screencast: Screws Form & Function

By the time we meet, you should be able to:

Describe the screw as a mechanical device
Discuss its physical attributes and functions
Discuss the techniques for insertion in bone

Sceencast: Bone anatomy & modes of healing

By the time we meet, you should be able to:

Describe the anatomy of normal bone
Explain how bones heal
Outline how the biomechanical environment influences fracture healing processes

Bone Anatomy

Recommended e-Learning resources
Modes of Healing

How the Foot Works

David Stainsby shares his theories underpinning how the foot works. He goes on to challenge current management of foot abnormalities and conditions. The podcast concludes with his view on the impact of fashionable footwear. A transcript of the interview can be downloaded here. Listeners who have questions or comments can contact David directly by email (

Audio file (MP3)
Audio transctript (pdf)


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